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Road Captains

Welcome to the Santa Maria Harley Owners Group (H.O.G.)!

It is with great pleasure that I have the opportunity to welcome you to the Santa Maria Harley Owners Group. The Santa Maria H.O.G. Chapter has a great group of members and we are sponsored by what I feel is the Best Harley Davidson dealership in the State of California and I have been to a lot of them. They have a great supportive staff that are always eager to help H.O.G members.

The Road

It is also a pleasure for me to once again be appointed as your Chapter Head Road Captain and we have a lot of great rides and events scheduled for 2018. Please take a few minutes to look at our 2018 ride schedule so that maybe you can pick out some rides that you would like to join us on. There are a lot of Day Rides on Saturdays and Sundays, Overnighter's and Events scheduled for 2018. There are always rides added and some have to be canceled due to various reasons. Our chapter members always have a great time wherever we go!

The Chapter has a great group of Road Captains that I am proud to be associated with and they are here to ensure that you have a great ride but also a safe ride. Road Captain's are not automatically carried forward from year-to-year. They are selected and approved upon by the Head Road Captain's recommendation with the approval of the Chapter Director each year.

This year's group that will be assisting me consists of:

  • Phil Rietz - Rain Man
  • Steve Moeller - Moe
  • Laurie Reifsnyder - Deerslayer
  • Debbie Hoage
  • Dennis Durham
  • Paula Garcia
  • Doug Grames - Shorty
  • Joe Zeller
  • Warren Jacks
  • Ted Kapner - Boots
  • Steve Milton - Hook


  • None at this time

Please take some time and review the Chapter’s Safety Handbook that can be found on the Safety page. You may be a seasoned rider or you may be new to riding but in either case you need to ride your own ride and ‘you’ are ultimately responsible for your own safety.

I hope to see more chapter members on some of the Chapter rides and events this year. 

Road Captains

Richard Oberly
Head Road Captain 

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Scenic Drives 

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Harley Map Creator

Read more about duties of a motorcycle Road Captain by clicking here: Road Captain Guidelines

Release Forms:

Chapter Event Release form for Adults

Chapter Event Release form for Minors

Minor’s Assumptions of Risk Acknowledgement

Chapter Injury Report